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Introduction to Biodiesel fuel class
June 3-5, 2008

A new course from MATC - "This hands-on course covers the fundamentals of biodiesel with an emphasis on fuel production, quality control, engine performance, and vehicle emissions. Students will produce biodiesel by the transesterfication process and perform ASTM measurements to determine chemical and physical properties of fuel."
Wisconsin Biodiesel Association Formed in December 2006, the WBA is a membership trade organization that promotes the commercial development, production, marketing, distribution, and utilization of biodiesel and other renewable biofuels.
National Biodiesel Board The national trade association representing the biodiesel industry .
ATTRA on Bio-Diesel An excellent primer from the National Sustainable Ag Info Service.


Algae-to-Biodiesel Facility Press release, November 13, 2007 - " Green Star Products, Inc. (OTC:GSPI) today announced that it has signed a contract to build a 100-acre Commercial Algae Facility in the Midwest."
Biodiesel processing  
Shell Affiliate Inaugurates BTL Synthetic Diesel Plant in Germany Shell makes an April 2008 announcement that they have opened the world's first biomass-to-synthetic diesel fuel production plant in Freiburg, Germany. The report is from's business news.
Biodiesel Calculator uwexlogo A spreadsheet tool for estimating cost, acreage, output and other factors associated with on-farm bio-diesel production. Developed by Nick Schneider, Clark County Crops & Soils Agent. Click here to e-mail Nick.
Biodiesel Handling and Use Guidelines A 2006 publication from the US Dept of Energy.
Collaborative Biodiesel Tutorial A bulletin board and public forum "written by people from around the world who make biodiesel." Primarily geared toward smaller batch producers. Another website dedicated to small batch biodiesel production.
A Renewable Route to Propylene Glycol A 4-page update from Chemical Engineering Progress magazine, August 2007. Discusses the potential of converting the biodiesel byproduct glycerin into propylene glycol (PG), a commidity chemical currently drived from petroleum.
Economics & Markets  
A Global Comparison of National Biodiesel Production Potentials (UW resource) Center for Sustainability and the Global Environment, revised June 2007. "Our results show an upper-limit worldwide volume potential of 51 billion liters from 119 countries; 47 billion of which could be produced profitably at today’s import prices." See the report's press release.
Biodiesel Feasibility Study: An Evaluation of Biodiesel Feasibility in Wisconsin (UW resource) A study from August 2004. Be aware that market conditions have changed substantially since then.
Critiques & Concerns  
Proponent views  
Wisconsin Biodiesel Report A blog maintained by the Wisconsin Biodiesel Association.