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Wood Stoves -- A Viable Home Heat Source? July 2009 article in the Science Daily digest. Introduction: "The stress of rising natural gas prices is leading many consumers to rethink how they heat their homes. For some this means moving towards modern alternative energy options, while others have been turning to a more traditional method for a solution to these rising costs. In Canada and the United States, wood burning stoves have been reevaluated as a potentially viable option for home heating."
Burning question: Oil or wood less dirty? July 2008 article about a study comparing oil and wood burning efficiencies. Summary: " The study concludes that although pellet stoves burn much cleaner than older wood stoves, they generate more particle pollution and air toxics than oil furnaces. Supporters of wood pellet heat reacted by questioning whether the study provides a fair picture of their fuel's environmental impact. This debate is likely to grow, at a time when the demand for pellet stoves is so great that dealers are taking orders for next year. The discussion will focus on the potential cumulative impact of pellet heat in Maine."
Heating with Biomass: A Feasibility Study of Wisconsin Schools Heated with Wood February 2008 report from Focus on Energy is an update from a 2003 preliminary study. The goal of the research is to find out how schools that are heated by wood burning compare to those that are heated in other ways. The updates includes case studies of four schools in Wisconsin that heat with biomass.